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No shortage of material here

Lots of frequent posts (relatively speaking) from me lately, and what can I say, there is no shortage of material to rant/rave about.

I am back living with my dad, at least till Thursday. Came over on xmas eve. Met one of my dad's friends, who is going to helping my dad out over the next month. Having never really met this person, I was um, suprised on how INSANE he was. Seriously, I think the guy was probably the meanest little bastard I have ever run into in my life, judging from his stories. I honestly don't know whats story was worst, the one about him belting a cat because it was hissing at him, the stories about the people he has beaten up for "touching him" or all the hospital horror stories where he was a complete asshole to all the nurses/doctors that were looking in on him. Maybe it was the reference to how women shouldn't be in authority, because they "don't have the balls"

Seriously...that was some fucked up shit I had to listen to for a few hours. BUT, I guess he is a loyal friend...

xmas went ok...ate alot of food, got some good presents, including a new badly needed backpack, a lonely planet guide to London, a hardcover fiction book, and Batman Begins. Dad gave me some money to buy a new battery for my phone in an effort to fix it.

Was suppose to go birding today...but doesn't look like that is going to happen, thanks to getting up too late and my dad needing to run errands.

I am sure there was more I had to say, but now I can't think of anything more

Oh well
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