mmcjawa (mmcjawa) wrote,

Year in Review: part 2

So, what did 2005 bring me in other facets of my life?

Well, first off, there is Academia. Accomplishments this year include completing almost all my course load, successfully proposing, and actually starting to know what I am talking about. Teaching could have been better, and I had plenty of "nervous breakdown" type moments, but overall I feel I have done well in that regard.

I have also sucessfully raised and taken care of up to 5 geckos, with out a single death or major worry. My crested geckos are growing and seem to be happy, and Herb is still a cricket killing machine.

In my personal life, I am still single. In fact, 2005 marked the first year in a long time that I didn't go on a SINGLE date. Probably because of the whole poverty and no free time thing. but still, I would like to correct this for next year.

Other landmarks are the purchase of a car, which proceeded to suck major ass till fall semester, my first apartment, where thing I think have been kind of working out, and surviving various dramas which have happened in my life and those around me. Or mostly surviving.

Things I would like to improve for the new year are going to the gym on a regular basis, giving up chocolate (with the exception of conference dinner, official holidays and birthdays, and anything Mandy cooks), and learning how to cook to the extent where food is enjoyable, not calories. I would also like to finish my character descriptions this semester, and at the very least the fossil record and past systematic work chapters. And maybe work on some other random self improvement
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