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Good old mutant towhees...

Birded this morning the Santee area, namely Mast Park and Santee Lakes. Mast Park has had a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher recently, which has temporarily at least turned it into a birder mecca. And good old Patagonia Roadside rest stop effect is in full effect, as birders have also found a Gray Flycatcher, a possible Red-naped X Red-breasted Sapsucker, and a partially albinistic California Towhee.

Sadly, despite waiting around for two hours, the Scissor-tail was a no show. Did finally add Cedar Waxwing to my county list though, which is a locally uncommon bird here in winter. Also saw the freak Towhee, which is a pretty damn weird bird.

After the fog cleared and the flycatcher still didn't show, I headed over to Santee Lakes, a pretty well known birding spot. It was packed with fishermen, but I was able to add Wood Duck and Ring-necked Duck to my year list. While I have seen Wood ducks in other places in San Diego, Santee lakes has pretty large flocks, thanks to all the nest boxes and (re)introduction attempts. Also had a nice Green Heron who looked mighty pissed off.

Downside of today however was that my streak of missed birds has managed to continue. 3 visits and no Scissor-tail, and last weekend was my 3rd attempt at Varied Thrush. The fates, they are a fickle....
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