mmcjawa (mmcjawa) wrote,

well, since it's been exactly 1 month since my last post, now seems as good a time as any to write another entry.

First off, the important stuff, birding:
Last weekend was spent touring the southern portion of San Diego. Stops included the J-street Marina, South Bay, Imperial beach Pier, and Nestor Park. Birding was excellent; Among the highlights were Red-necked Grebe, Red Knot, Merlin, Pelagic Cormorant, Reddish Egret, and 2 Yellow-crowned Night-herons. Probably the single best day of birding since returning to San Diego after spring break. Other birding trips this month have been South Bay/random San Diego areas, and Santee area. Not much really to report from these trips, a few county birds, with the best bird from first part of the month being Stilt Sandpiper. Overall, managed some 3 lifers for this month, which isn't that bad. This morning I went on a herp related trip up to Henshaw/palomar area, where we found a common kingsnake and 1 herp lifer, large-blotched Ensatina. Ensatina are probably the prettiest salamanders on the pacific coast, and it was awesome to finally see one.

School wise, lots of tests and thesis work. This weekend I should be wrapping up my work on reformating my character descriptions. All I need to do is just run through the codings, check the ears, and edit before passing it off to Rachel for proof reading.

Anyway...this next weekend will hopefully find me chasing thrashers and rufous-backed robins in phoenix. Or I can hope so.
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