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The good and the bad...

ahhh...It always seems to feel like really good experiences are followed by really bad ones

The good...birded Anza Borrego yesterday. knocked off a lot of common desert birds for my county list, as well as scoring two lifers, CRISSAL THRASHER and LONG-EARED OWL. Other good birds included a beautiful and locally uncommon Scott's Oriole, as well as a Brewer's Sparrow. The desert was really nice yesterday...comfortable temperatures, not many people. Even getting a little bit lost driving wasn't that bad, and developing a headache, didn't do much to dampen the spirit of the day.

Now that evening, when I was printing off my travel information and discovering that STA didn't confirm my airline tickets when I told them to. yep..instead of flying to Michigan today, I get to yell at them. That means I get 2 days instead of 3 at the U of M Paleontology museum, and I have to compress possibly 2 days of looking at specimens into 1 day.

So yeah...I need to go yell at some travel agency people now...grrr...
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