mmcjawa (mmcjawa) wrote,

Live from Ann Arbor I survived my first day in Ann Arbor.

Headed into Ann Arbor with El, then headed over to the Museum. Dr. Gingerich hadn't informed anyone I was coming, so things were a tad confusing to begin with, since he was teaching. But things were settled, and today I was able to measure all of the specimens and photograph most of them. All I have left tomorrow is a few more photographs to take and to look over ears...I frigging hate ears. Looked at the exhibits in the museum...all in all I would say the museum is on par or a little better then the San Diego Natural History Museum. had a nice Rodhocetus and Dorudon mount, as well as some other good mammal stuff. Lot's of tortoise stuff it looks like too. I will be bringing back a specimen list for Jones on the gopherus material. Forgot to ask him about Stylemys and Hadrianus material...but the Collection manager said "there is probably alot".

Met with Phil Gingerich. He is a homey of Dave. Is everyone a Homey of Daves? Sweet Jesus. But anyway the meeting went kind of okay. I think I made a good showing of myself. And tomorrow after the museum visit I party at El's first ever Irish Whale fossil party.

Though I had to dissapoint her, by telling her that no whales will be making an appearance sadly.
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