17 May
I am a 24 year old Grad student just starting his masters at San Diego State. At the present time my research thesis is focused on the Systematics and Biogeography of the Balaenoidea, a group containing the Right and Bowhead whales, as well as several extinct taxa. Systematics is my calling, but we'll have to wait and see if whales will remain my group of interest. I also just finished teaching my first semester of Human Anatomy Lab, and somehow survived all the last ditch preparations and "WTF, I have no idea what this is moments"

When I am not in class or lab...things I like to do are birding, herping, and reading either natural history books or speculative fiction. I am really looking forward to exploring all the diversity of nature present around San Diego when I get my car in spring. I am a geek and a hardcore paleonerd...but at least a cultured one, as I am also a borderline film geek. I listen to a range of punk and alternative music and absolutely despise rap and country.